“Total Musicianship as applied to the Guitar”

Private Tuition – Personal one on one tuition tailored to the needs and interests of the individual. One hour or Half hour sessions.

The Complete Guitarist Course – Our Deluxe course designed with the career – oriented player in mind.

Guitar Ensemble workshops: Learn in an environment that is sparked with enthusiasm. Guitarists have the opportunity to perform with other musicians and singers. If you’ve never once “trod the boards” or if you’re an old trouper, you’ll get a lot from these special classes. All the scales, all the practicing. all the study – those are just the feathers. Performing is the flight. After all that hard work, being in an ensemble will surprise you. Just when you think your playing is the best it’s ever been, there’s that magic moment when everyone is “on” – you, the other players, the audience. Nothing beats that feeling.

Online Personal Mentorship Program via SKYPE: Your STYLE, Your Level, Your SCHEDULE, Your FUTURE.

The concept of the Mike Hayes Guitar Studio from its inception has revolved around the view that anyone aspiring to be a professional player can be trained to the vocational standards of that industry in a dramatically short period of time. This is a view that has not been generally held in music education before our studio.

Having spent over 30 years as a professional player myself at all levels of the industry, I personally observed too many successful players reach these same goals virtually overnight to believe that such a thing is a freaky and one in a million thing. I have seen this sharply accelerated learning experience acted out as a result of special training seminars over the last 25 years and proven beyond any question over the last ten years at our studio. I am now more than ever before confident that a sharp increase on one’s learning curve should be the rule rather than the exception. The critical factor in success of such an effort lies in the alchemy of the following elements:

1) Instructors who are academically sound, vocationally established in the industry and who really care about helping the student in a one on one situation.

2) A carefully thought out plan of studies.

3) An environment that is sparked with enthusiasm. I am happy to say that the Mike Hayes Guitar Studio houses all the ingredients in the right proportions to make this revolutionary concoction, and it works!

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