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Of course the REAL TEST of any teaching program is: Results!

Have any of the students achieved success?

At the Mike Hayes Guitar Studio our track record speaks for itself …

From #1 hit’s on the UK charts to back-up guitarist’s for Casey Chambers, Roxy music etc., even X Factor finalists!

Our students can be regularly seen and heard on NATIONAL radio and Television working side by side with successful established performers!!!

A sample list of past students may include:

Daren Hanlon – #1 U.K Hit “Falling Aeroplanes”

Troy Brady – guitarist with Amity Affliction (post-hardcore band)

Mathew Fell – Supporting musician for: Roxy music, Casey Chambers, Graeme Connors, Slim Dusty, Troy Cassar-Daley, Mark O’Shea etc., and co-owner of owner of LoveHz studios, Sydney

Lee Wilkes – Formely Edge Of Earth band, Power Finger studios

Caitlyn Shadbolt – X Factor finalist and Country Music Entertainer

Aiden O’Brien – Solo Guitarist – check out Aiden’s composition “Eclipse” on the video below:

And the list goes on ….

Check them out ….

Did you notice that each player has their own voice?

They are not a copy of somebody else’s record or a mini version of their teacher; they’re an individual not a musical clone.

Our program gave them control over the language of music and gave them the courage to tell their story in their own particular way.

Why not let us help you to follow in their footsteps?

The course is adaptable to players of all levels from outright beginners to the most advanced fingerboard wizard.

If you are contemplating study at a college or with a private teacher check out their track records first, find out :

  • Have their past students been successful?
  • Did the program they undertook enrich their lives?
  • Did the students who were career minded find work?
  • Were they employable?
  • Was the teacher’s own playing career successful?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, back off … surely such lessons, no matter how cheap must be a waste of time and money … “you can’t learn flying from a guy who has never been off the ground”.

At the Mike Hayes Guitar Studio the answer to all these questions is a resounding “YES”!

The Mike Hayes Guitar Studio offers Specialized Tuition in JAZZ, COUNTRY, ROCK, FOLK, IMPROVISATION, COMPOSING, ARRANGING & BASS.

For Beginners, Semi Pros., Professionals or Groups – Free Advisory Service.

So why not call me, Mike Hayes on (07)5483 7731 and talk it over, I’m sure you will be glad you did!

Join the Winners!