How Skype Guitar Lessons Work

How Skype Guitar /Webcam Lessons Work

How Skype Guitar Lessons Work

Not sure about Skype lessons?

Whether you’re a beginner, a guitar enthusiast wishing to expand your musical horizons, a career-oriented player or simply a musically frustrated player wishing to retrace your fingersteps here’s some tips on how skype guitar lessons work.

Learning Guitar via Skype

Everyone learns in their own unique way … the trick is to find what is a good fit for you.

One thing is for sure … “we only learn what we want to learn when we want to learn it!”

Recent breakthroughs in technology have given us another viable way of learning from the comfort of your own home.

As with everything there some advantages and disadvantages and learning via Skype is not exception but after you way up the pro’s and con’s it’s certainly something to consider.

To be perfectly honest learning guitar online via Skype is very similar to the traditional lessons in person. Of coure the main difference is that you are not both in the same room.

Skype advantage #1:  Your teacher could be anywhere in the world.

The really cool thing is that with Skype lessons you can choose the quality and sytle of tuition.

Skype guitar lessons are great for people unable to find a high quality, experienced professional guitar teacher in their local area.

You literally have the whole world at your fingertips (I’m in Australia), if you wanted to take lessons from me you could live in the USA and we could still work together.

Skype advantage #2: Flexibility over when you want to learn.

Skype guitar lessons also give you flexibility over when you want to learn. this comes back to what I said earlier …

“we only learn what we want to learn when we want to learn it!”

This is becomming a  particually important aspect of Skype lessons, mostly due to inconsistant or changing work hours e.g., shiftworkers etc.,

You arrive home have something to eat, and want to relax learning some new skills on the guitar

Want to learn at 1:00am? While you would definitely struggle to get a tutor locally wanting to teach at that time but it’s very likely somebody on the other side of the world will be able to teach you.

I can teach a student in the UK at 1:00am their time which works out to 10:00am my local time.

Skype advantage #3: Cost effective

When you take into account the cost of transport/travel to a quality teacher the Skype option is quite appealing.

O.K, that’s the plus side of how Skype Guitar Lessons work, let’s have a look at the limitations of online lessons.

Skype lessons:

The actual lessons are very similar to in-person lessons.

There’s only a couple of differences as long as you understand the limitations of Skype guitar lessons, you will find them extremely effective and enjoyable.

Here are the main limitations to online guitar lessons:

Online lesson limitation#1: Teacher is not in the same room as student

That basically means I can’t move your hand into position on the guitar or tune the guitar up for you. However I’ve been teaching online enough to know how to quickly overcome this limitation.

Online lesson limitation #2: There is a slight delay between us:

That means we can’t play guitar at the same time. To overcome this limitation if you need any special backing tracks or duets to practice I will send them to you as part of the lesson (at no additional cost to you).

As you can see, the limitations of Skype guitar lessons aren’t that bad. Everything else is the same as in person lessons. Once you get used to the slight delay between signals, you won’t even notice it.


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