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If you live too far away from Mike’s Guitar Studio but would still like to have lessons with us, you can have lessons via Skype.

What is Skype?

Skype is a software application that you download to your computer and allows you to learn guitar from your home using a computer.

Instead of having the guitar teacher in the same room as you, you interact through video.

You can read more information on Skype at Skype’s website. Their website explains everything very clearly.

Sounds like this could be something that would work for you?

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The importance of a good teacher

Strange though it may seem, in the midst of the information age with instant access to all types of  wondrous information  24/7 it’s more important than ever before to have have contact with a experienced, reliable teacher.

The major problem facing aspiring guitarists this how to determine which information is high quality and relevant to their goals and which information is simply a distraction and contributes to the most dreaded issue of all information overload.

Imagine this scenario …

If you wanted to cross the desert, you’d be unwise to try it without a reliable map.

Mind you, it has been done – but only by a handful of exceptional people and even they would have found it difficult.

So what?

Well, trying to play a musical instrument without a reliable teacher is just as risky.

But every day many people attempt to cross that musical desert alone – and while a few might make it, the majority are doomed to wander the wastelands forever.

Our road from A to Z is littered with the decaying dreams of “would-be” players who saw it all as a fantasy ego trip rather that a well-planned journey into a new world of beauty and knowledge.

Perhaps the saddest amongst that band of aimless wanders are those that do have access to the map, but choose not to use it.

If you doubt their existence, then consider the musical analogy – students who have a reliable teacher, but choose to ignore their advice.

You teacher is your map – a guide to all the pitfalls, traps and frustrations that lie before you.


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Skype Guitar Lessons : Guitar lessons online via Skype for all areas of Australia and internationally.