Mike Hayes – Guitar Samples

There’s a lot of truth in the old saying :

“Those who can’t play – teach” – others can play but can’t teach.”

Few can do both, listen to some samples of my playing and decide for yourself whether our studio is a ‘good fit’ for your guitar playing needs.

Mike Hayes Guitar

Learning music is a complex process:

Music theory cannot be profitably separated from music listening – both are intertwined.

Theory and listening plus the experience of playing music, provide insights that help us to become aware of what is happening from moment to moment inside the music.

Theory and listening cannot substitute for playing.

Listening and playing cannot substitute for theory, and

Playing and theory cannot substitute for listening.


Mike’s playing and compositions have been featured as soundtrack material on the Channel 7, 9 and SBS television networks, and the MMM, Austereo and ABC radio networks in Australia. His music continues to be broadcast in various countries internationally.



Mike Hayes instrumentalist, teacher, educator, tuition, music tuition, music lessons for Gympie and surrounding areas.



Music lessons online via skype for all areas of Australia & internationally.

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