Frequently Asked Questions

When were the first metal strings made for musical instruments?


Brass wire had been available before steel one, but the popularity of metal wire as strings for musical instruments really started with an invention of piano wire at the industrial revolution.

Early 19th century Martin guitars strung with high tension steel strings (some steel wound strings exert as much as 15kg per string of tension).

The first public performance of a Hawaiian steel guitar was in 1886.

Martin guitars started to make steel string guitars as custom order in early 1900. As early as 1903, Gibson guitars adopted steel strings to their arch-top guitar, like L-O model.

Steel string guitars gained popularity in 1920’s and 30’s.


I play folk type songs; fingerpicking and strumming – I need to change my strings, do I use light, medium or heavy gauge strings?


I’d recommend a custom light set of strings with the following gauges:

1st string – .011

2nd string – .015

3rd string -.022

4th string – .032

5th string – .042

6th string – .052

A good brand of Phosper bronze strings such as: D’addario Phospher bronze strings would be ideal.