Jazz Guitar Lessons in Gympie

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Jazz Guitar Lessons in Gympie

Looking for Jazz Guitar Lessons In Gympie?

If jazz guitar is your passion, you’ve come to the right place; whatever the musical setting whether it’s solo guitar, trio, quartet or guitar ensemble we’ve got it covered!

There’s more to playing jazz guitar than simply owning a jazz style guitar …

The Art Of Jazz Rhythm Guitar The true art of rhythm guitar and properly-balanced chord progressions as exemplified by Herb Ellis, Freddy Green, Barry Galbraith and a small circle of jazz masters is a craft.

Rhythm guitar and it’s subtle role in the mainstream jazz rhythm-section is one of the most complex-yet-least-understood-areas of modern music.

It involves knowing …

  • How to become one with the bass and drums.
  • How to pare the written down to their bare essentials in order to take away any apparent ‘lumpiness’ in the harmonic flow.
  • When, and how, to play a “four-beat feel”
  • When and how to “comp”.
  • How to comp with the piano or written ensemble figures.
  • How to “get out of the way” when the going gets tough.
  • Which notes to leave out in order to give the maximum freedom to an inventive soloist.
  • How to use three-part harmonic textures all over the fingerboard.
  • How to use and combine four-part harmonic textures all over the fingerboard.
  • How to use “guide-tone” links to link the changes together for both rhythm and comping.
  • How to decode the chord-symbol relationship to fit both the melody, or improvised lead, and the bass line.

The Mike Hayes Guitar Studio, offers jazz guitar lessons covering all styles of jazz guitar playing.

Looking for jazz guitar lessons in Gympie?

Whatever your favorite style of jazz guitar playing you will find something of interest at the Mike Hayes Guitar Studio, located in Gympie, Queensland.

Mike Hayes has been closely associated with the Australian jazz music scene for over 25 years. He has appeared on stage or in workshops with top Australian and international jazz artists such as George Golla, Johnny Nicol, Ed Wilson, Tom Baker, Bob Barnard, Ed Gaston and has recorded with Craig Scott, Allan Turnbull, John Harkins etc.

From Charlie Christain to Django Reinhardt, from Herb Ellis to Barney Kessel, Jim Hall to Lee Ritenour …Mike’s guitar playing and teaching covers them all.

Mike Hayes is a top-level guitar teacher based in Gympie, Queensland Australia who uses the Berklee Guitar Method to teach students to become fully capable guitarists. For more information about Jazz Guitar Lessons via Skype contact Mike here.

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